chastity belt 

There was just one final Challenge left for Stella Cox! She was still in her plugged My-Steel hip belt, when I introduced her to a small anal plug with a cable attached to it. I asked her to insert it and she did, without any problems. Then I asked her to clip the E-stim receiver box to the back of her belt, and she got a little more hesitant. Stella asked ‘what is this?’, but I just continued to connect the wire and then I turned the box on. I told her to put her dress back on and wait a moment.
I quickly ran downstairs to get my studio assistant Anahí, who was cleaning and organising the studio. These two girls had not met, so I introduced them and gave Anahí the E-stim remote control. Both girls did not really know what was going on but maybe my grin already told them enough. I asked Anahí to press the zap button and Stella jumped when she felt the electro shock in her ass. Still, Anahí had no clue what was happening, she figured it was a vibrating egg so she pressed the button a few more times. Stella begged her to stop, telling her she was getting shocked in her ass. She showed her the E-stim box and the wired anal plug and Anahí immediately felt very sorry she had been pressing the button on the remote.
This is the best introduction of two girls you have ever seen! Mexico meets UK in a shocking way! I turned up the electro power on the remote and told Anahí to give Stella one more zap. Just because it was so funny. Anahí has a little evil in her, because she pressed the button twice, and wanted to press it even more, clearly amused by Stella’s jumping and screaming. I had to take the remote from Anahí to give Stella a break.
This is the funniest video ever on! My assistant unknowingly shocking Stella Cox’s ass! It’s mean but hilarious!

3 comment(s) to “Stella shocked by Anahí!!”

  1. Interesting Person says:

    Can i ask what e-stem remote controller are you using. it looks interesting i would love to know so i can buy it.

  2. Put Stella in a one piece swimsuit while you have her there!

  3. LoveSteel says:

    Even more fun, ass-zap, pussy-zap, left-boob-zap, right-boob-zap. Steel boobs protector bra also in place of course. And the grand finale is everything at the same time. No we are not evil at all :)

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