chastity belt 

Poor Adele was slowly moving around the studio, careful in her full chastity outfit. I was monitoring her closely, but every time I asked she said she was ok. It seems Adele is very quiet, deliberate, and shy. It’s just her nature, she was actually absolutely fine in her chastity gear.
I decided to give her a Challenge. I prepared a room full of heavy steel bondage items, and called Adele to come in. She went even more quiet as she saw all the stuff on the floor. There was a 12 kilogram chain attached to the wall, and lots of cuffs. I asked Adele to lift the chain. She couldn’t lift all of it, just the end. Then I told her to sit down and lock her wrists into the heavy manacles. Alternated with pairs of handcuffs, this was super heavy and inescapable. The last pair of handcuffs was a hinged pair that was on the end of the heavy chain.
Once locked in, Adele could barely lift her arms up. She just had to sit there, it was impossible to do anything. It was awesome to see her from the static camera I left in the room. After a while, I went back in and placed the key very high up on a box. There was no way for Adele to reach the key. Well, maybe… if she would apply all of her strength to lift the heavy chain and cuffs, she might have been able to. But she didn’t. It was either too much effort or… she is actually so submissive she will stay in her place when you cuff her and tell her to wait. Either way, Adele is an amazing Chastity Babe, who is doing very well in her Deal even with some added Challenges!!

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  1. déjà deux semaines
    Comme le temps,passe vite.

    Courage Adele, Nous ne nous lassons pas de te voir si bien porter ton armure scintillante.

  2. Adele chastitybabes

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