chastity belt 

Natalia Forrest locked her friend Brooke in a FancySteel hybrid belt, but she didn’t even give her much time to adjust to the tight belt. Natalia made Brooke do fitness exercises and then immediately told her to go for a drive!
Well, driving a car is one of the hardest things to do in a chastity belt, it’s not something you normally do within the first few hours of wearing one! And not only that, Natalia wanted Brooke to take her own car and drive Natalia around. And Brooke’s car is not an automatic, so she would have to shift gears, which is even harder because of all the leg work involved while sitting in a deep seat.
It seems like Natalia took actual pleasure in tormenting Brooke during her Chastity Deal, telling her to take back roads with lots of bumps, and demanding that Brooke kept her dress rolled up all the time. They forgot that lorry drivers and cyclists could see right into the car, and many people in the UK got a glimpse of a a FancySteel hybrid belt that day!
With all the bumps and shifting gears, the belt slowly disappeared into Brooke’s butt crack and vagina (as Natalia described it). It became tighter and tigher, completely wedged in. Even a quick stop for a stretch did not help. Brooke was still smiling, but the belt was definitely getting uncomfortable. And she still had quite a few hours to go!!

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