chastity belt 

Niara Cake is living in a country that does not really allow her to express her fetishes, so she secretly is a chastity girl in her own home, locking herself up as often as possible and training herself. I really hope to be able to get her to the Netherlands some day for a Chastity Deal, but in the meantime I have asked you all to help her by ordering custom videos, which Niara will obediently film in her own apartment.
One such custom was sent in by a fan, who wanted to see Niara train herself to assume various slave positions. It was a very meticulous script, very strict, and timed to the second. There was a lot to remember. When I asked Niara if she could film this, she even suggested some additions herself (such as a buttplug), and she studied the script for days, making notes and preparing. This is a super dedicated slave girl!!
She finished filming it very fast, hoping the customer would be happy with the results.
Of course, the fan was incredibly happy with this video! Niara completely memorized the highly detailed script, which specified all of her movements, outfit, hairstyle, timing, and much more. She is amazingly dedicated. Anyone who will end up with this submissive will be the luckiest person on this earth!

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  1. I think, if you can get her to the Netherlands, she should be the new site slave. That way she can really live her dream!

  2. As a submissive myself, i’d love to be maid to a mistress and kept in chastity like that for an extended time. She’s perfect for the role.

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