chastity belt 

Natalia Forrest didn’t even give Brooke Scott much time to get used to the belt. She was allowed to relax for a little bit (right after the belting), with a cup of tea. Brooke tried to take a nap, but she was rudely interrupted by Natalia.
Natalia suddenly had the idea of a ‘Chastity Babe Bootcamp’ as she called it. She made Brooke take off all of her clothes, and commanded her to do exercises! Not just any exercises, but fast jumping, crunches, sit ups, and more, all while shouting at Brooke to hurry up!
All in good fun of course, as these two really are best friends. You can tell by the banter in the video that they are having a really good time. But the day was far from over, and Natalia already had her next plan: they would go for a drive! Stay tuned for more chastity adventures with Brooke Scott in her super tight FancySteel hybrid belt!

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  1. I am fascinated by hybrid belts as they can be worn tighter than metal ones and are thus more secure – provided you don’t cut them. That said, the fancy steel design – as great it might be as a starting point – still has the problem that the leather straps will dig into your skin once you tighten the belt to a point at which you really can’t stick a finger in. I still think that the ultimate female belt would be a crotch guard like this sewn or riveted into some sort of shorts made out of Kevlar that is made to measure. It could even feature some steel cables within the Kevlar that can be fastened by a lockable BOA system and distribute the pressure more evenly providing comfort by making sure the crotch guard stays exactly where it needs to be… if only I had any practical skills….

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