chastity belt 

Natalia Forrest locked up another friend of hers! This time it is the unsuspecting Brooke Scott who has fallen victim to Natalia’s relentless belting spree.
Natalia didn’t even ask me, but she thought it was a great idea to lock her friend Brooke in a FancySteel hybrid belt for 8 hours. Now, Brooke has never ever been belted before, so to arrive at Natalia’s place and get belted for 8 hours with a contract shoved under your nose is quite a shock and a challenge!
I think it is hilarious to see how Natalia is trying to get all of her friends in a belt, mainly because she suffered so much in my Chastity Deals in the past. She really enjoys doing this to other girls. I have to say, I like the use of a hybrid belt. It looks very good on Brooke and it should be possible for her to stay locked for 8 hours. Nice work, Natalia!

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  1. Wayne Heidlebaugh says:

    I have found a way to make denim shorts into a chastity belt, just put a chain in the belt loops and lock it tight. No escaping those shorts. I one had a lady friend lock me in my shorts one summer. She used a dial combination lock so I couldn’t get out of those shorts. I was stuck tight in them. Only she could unlock them. For fun at the beach, you can lock a skirt on me and I will wear it all day even when visiting the shops there and then send me home wearing it.

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