What is this website?
This website started out as a member site for fans of female chastity. After some amazing feedback from a lot of chastity enthusiasts, I decided to go a little further and offer chastity deals to curious, adventurous, or money-loving girls. I am exploring all aspects of wearing a female chastity belt, from hygiene to mental issues, from effectiveness to daily (24/7) wear. The website is updated every week with long running Chastity Deals, Castings for new girls, and Challenges. Members can request new girls, new Challenges, and indicate which girl should receive a Deal.

Where can I get a female chastity belt?
To explore or experiment with female chastity, I don’t recommend getting a custom made high-end belt. Get a cheap fully adjustable belt (for example here) and try it for a while. The quality of those belts has greatly improved over the last year, and I would definitely recommend them. If you are still sure you want to make the big step after a good long test period, I would recommend getting a custom made my-steel, tollyboy, or neosteel.

My credit card is refused by Inet-Cash, what can I do?
Please contact us to receive information about my alternative credit card payment method, paying by bank (IBAN / SEPA), or other options. Don’t worry, I will have you viewing the pictures and videos in no time!

I have joined, where the hell is the member section?
Thank you for your support!! There is no member section. To download the picture zips and video clips, please click on the large green DOWNLOAD arrow in any update. So, first go to an update you would like to see, and click the large green DOWNLOAD arrow. You will be prompted for your username and password. You can save this in your browser so you only have to type it once. The file will start downloading. Once it is downloaded, unzip and watch it! It’s that easy!!

Can I model for your website?
Sure, I am always looking for girls who love a challenge! Please email me at webmaster@chastitybabes.com and be sure to specify your age, height, waist size, and a few recent pictures or a link to your portfolio. I offer money, chastity gear, or a combination of both as compensation. If you are interested in signing a Chastity Deal contract, please remember that I am located in the Netherlands, you may have to travel far if you want to come for a Chastity Deal. Remote Chastity Deals (at home, sending in video reports) are also possible.