Do you think you are up for your own Chastity Challenge? How does a free stay in Holland sound? With free food, accommodation, and flights!

You will be staying in the Chastity Mansion where you will have your own floor (2 rooms), fast internet, and lots of privacy.

There are just a few simple requirements:
– you are female
– you are over 18
– you will be locked in a chastity belt ALL the time
– you will not have the keys to the belt, but you will get toilet and cleaning breaks
– you will NOT be filmed or photographed if you don’t want to
For a more challenging Deal, more gear can be added, especially a collar, bra, thigh bands, or even plugs and some bondage gear.

There are cash prizes to be won at the end of each Chastity Deal, depending on duration, extra challenges, and whether or not you allow me to film and publish your Deal. You can give up at ANY time, you will be immediately released, but you will not get a cash prize and you will have to leave the Chastity Mansion.

Couples (female and male, female and female) or two female friends are accepted, as long as all guests are participants in the Chastity Deal (yes, males too).
Single males and male couples can not apply at the moment (this is Chastity Babes).

Apply at, please include your age, height, and a few recent pictures, as well as a motivation for participating (if you simply need cash, that’s ok).