chastity belt 

Emily Addams’ new chastity belt is a sturdy NeoSteel belt. It is tight and very secure. And most importantly: it was made especially for her. That is the crucial thing about chastity belts, it HAS to be made for your body. Cheap belts will not give as much protection and they are hard to wear for a longer period of time.
This NeoSteel belt is perfect on Emily, see how it lines up exactly at the anal opening, without giving any access to her pussy. This means she can wear it 24/7, without having to take it off, as she can use the toilet without any problems. Of course, she will need to have hygiene breaks, but in Emily’s case her hands will need to be restrained and someone else has to clean her, as she can not be trusted (at all!!). She is a horny young girl, and she will touch herself if given the chance!
Emily is actually unsure herself why she loves chastity, because she is addicted to masturbation and orgasms. Is it the self-denial that is so exciting? She can not really put it into words, but when she is in her belt, she regrets it already after a few minutes. It is so much fun to see her frustration! Even more fun to give her a magic wand, just to tease her. This NeoSteel belt is good, Emily will have no chance at all to orgasm, but she can try!!


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  1. Muhammed Çiftci says:

    Great update. As a German guy, I am proud of the high quality manufacturers of my country. Neosteel and My-Steel are just amazing. I am also very happy about the update without further accessories. I love chastity only videos – without further BDSM stuff. My wife also wears her My-Steel Total without any BDSM context. As a Muslim girl, she just wants to be protected from masturbating.

  2. The hardware displayed by this lovely young lady is clearly at the cutting edge of masturbation prevention technology and should be a leading contender to be Standard Wear for young adult women who are sure to come out of the Purity Closet by the hundreds of thousands worldwide as soon as modern society’s pendulum swings back toward the realm of Traditional Values.

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