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PhilippinesDavon’s plug needs to be cleaned every now and then because she gets pretty excited from wearing this huge 5-ball plug. Unfortunately, Anahi (my studio assistant) wasn’t there to help me, so I had to do it myself as usual. It wasn’t easy, because I tried to do everything with one hand while filming the whole procedure for you.
And a procedure it is. Davon is always moaning and whining. I locked a ballgag in place, but she starts drooling uncontrollably, which she hates. So she moans even more. It is really quite a spectacle. I think I will need to hire some permanent help to take care of Davon in the near future, this is getting to be a big burden for me. If you are interested in this job, and you live in the Netherlands (or are prepared to move here), please write me.
Davon knows she will have to be chained to the bed by her arms and legs for the plug cleaning, but it is always quite a struggle to get her chained up (especially with one hand). Because I can not trust her yet, she will probably touch herself when I am gone cleaning the plug and the belt. And touching herself is NOT in her contract. If you look very closely (hard to see in this video) you will see she is also still wearing her jewel butt plug.
As always, Davon is still at your disposal, please comment what you would love to see her do, order email me to order a custom video with Davon or a meet and greet (chastity belt stays on!). She is still not giving up, so she will be here for the time being. By the way, I was very happy that 89% of you want to see Davon kept in heavy bondage and chastity. Thanks for participating in the poll!

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  1. NICE!! Davon Kim is fantastically gorgeous and it is great that someone is paying attention to her hygiene. Would like to make the suggestion that if you could hire another Asian / Oriental fetish / bdsm model that could take care of Davon Kim that this other model would be just as lovely and kinky as Davon Kim. That way BOTH Asian models could “play” with each other, SUPERVISED of course so that their pleasure would not get out of hand. However, everyone does need a release every once in a while so it would NOT be out of the ordinary to allow Davon Kim an orgasm every so often to keep her spirits up. My guess would be invest in a sybian for the models which can greatly control / tease their “LOVE BOXES” and can give great reward and pleasure at the same time. On a separate issue, has Davon Kim been asked about getting her beautifully gorgeous erect hardened and perky NIPPLES PIERCED? Maybe a poll should be conducted to see what the other members think. It is great that Davon Kim is so popular and nearly 90% think she should stay. Of course, we would not want Davon Kim to suffer but have the greatest pleasure possible and especially with a playmate to keep each other cumpany. ;)

  2. Would love to see her go for a swim in a one piece suit. Or a bikini. Or one of each!

  3. would like to see her in a diaper over the belt… :)

  4. And swedish food (surströmming, pickled herring and ox/cow tongue) would make her scream and run! =) My favorite french cuisine is probably cuisses de grenouille (frog legs).

    But me personally would prefer Davon to wear scold’s bridle to make her really quiet!

  5. a break for her suspense for those who like her belted

  6. MrFrustration says:

    Can I suggest a little challenge – have her wear both plugs and let her know that they will be worn constantly for 7 days. Any complaint, no matter how small, resets the 7 days.

    • Webmaster you certainly need to take this girl in hand. Mr Frustrations idea is a good one. Davon needs to learn that bad behaviour has dire consequences. If the deal is she is to serve as a slave or go home then she ought to serve properly. You really need to teach the girl some discipline.

  7. ILoveDavonBelted says:

    Add locked thoghbands and start training her with a shorter and shorter chain between them.

  8. Davon should be progressively trained to wear ballet boots … knee high and lockable of course.

  9. Stainless steel high heels in the spring and summer months. With a red nail polish pedicure! Even her feet are in bondage.

  10. Only things I miss for this cute creature, is to see her smiling – or at least not complaining. And in high heels!

  11. Davon Kim is perfect. Perfect skin, perfect hair, perfect face. And since she hates the drooler, make sure she wears it often. Thanks for keeping her around and being strict with her, especially putting her back in the cage.

    Can you lock her wrists behind her back and have Anahi spoon feed her? There was a great, similar scene in The Story of O.

    I agree, mittens, a scold’s bridle, and ballet boots need to be her next steps. They may take some getting used to, but she will eventually love them!

  12. is it possible that she will wear her michael kors watch again.

    it looks soo hot!!!

  13. Webmaster,
    I am fascinated by Davon … her predicament, and her endurance (and yours as well). I am watching with interest to find out how long it will be before she cancels the contract arrangement. I am amazed that she has lasted this long!
    With that in mind, is it possible to display a “Davon counter” on your home page. This counter will display the number of consecutive days that Davon has been belted. I’m guessing that it must be more than 100 by now!

  14. stepframer says:

    That wasn’t very good camera use, made me a bit dizzy.

  15. Davon Kim is absolutely gorgeously cute and my favorite asian fetish / bdsm model. Really love to see Davon Kim on this site. Has Davon been allowed to CUM lately though? Just have to wonder about her state of mind and has she been allowed a sexually charged orgasmic release as of late. Of course, it should be implied that Davon Kim can only CUM while supervised and recorded for this site. ;)

  16. Dear Webmaster, Growing a little concerned because it has been over 2 months since we last saw an update of the lovely and gorgeous Davon Kim. We really would love to see more of this beautifully sexy and kinky fetish / bdsm model. IT would certainly be a shame if she was no longer able to shoot for this site. May we get an update on her physical as well as her mental state. Has Davon Kim been sexually aroused and given an orgasmic release lately or is she still confined in chastity? Would most definitely like to see her locked into some more chastity outfits and locked into some sexy fetish high heeled ankle boots or maybe even some thigh high or crotch high boots. Please update the status of Davon Kim please.

  17. do you still have the pump plug if you do use it on Davon Kim for a 2hr stint

  18. how is he devon?

  19. are you going to ever replace devon?

  20. Is there anymore updates on Davon Kim? Certainly would love to see her CUM back to this site and continue maybe in a different scenario though.

  21. Dear Webmaster, Davon Kim is absolutely gorgeous and beautiful and has been sorely missed. Is there any update or chance of getting her back to CHASTITY BABES and continuing her training and/or orientation to this particular fetish. Davon Kim was fantastic in these shoots and would love to see her CUM back to this site.


    P.S. Maybe Davon Kim could do a special return visit to chastity babes with her perfectly formed NIPPLES PIERCED to match the full chastity outfit !!

  22. when are you getting a knew slave

    • I have a new one, I can show her soon!

      • Dear Webmaster, Great!! A new slave would be a welcome addition. Any chance of having the lovely Miss Davon Kim made a special guest return shoot for a couple days for us to reminece and get some updates on her status. We miss Davon Kim and most especially her beautiful and gorgeous body. Loved her nipples and her pouty expressions but ABSOLUTELY LOVED her in chastity. thanks!!

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