chastity belt 

Olivia wanted another chastity challenge after last week’s introduction! She is so cute and soft-spoken, I wasn’t sure if she would like the game I had in mind. But I was wrong! Olivia loved it!
With a medium size jewel butt plug already in place, I showed her the inflatable pump plug. After some amazement about how big it could get, Olivia inserted the plug into her pussy. She played with it for a while, inflating and deflating it, until I told her to put the little hose through the vaginal slot in the NeoSteel chastity belt.
It was easy to lock the belt onto her, with the plug (both plugs actually!) still inside her. I explained the rules of the game to her. Roll a die: 1-5 indicates how many pumps she had to give the inflatable plug. Rolling a 6 would allow her to deflate it completely. But as long as she did not roll a 6, the plug would get bigger and bigger.
She played some interesting rounds, at some point the plug got so huge it was straining against the belt and to the inside of her butt plug. Olivia never felt this full in her life! She was laughing and smiling so much, I think she had a great time!
Olivia is the cutest tiny redhead ever, with her soft voice and eager eyes. I think she should do a long Chastity Deal at my house, it would be so much fun having her around!

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  1. matthew meuleman says:

    you should make her your full time slave girl

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