chastity belt 

An all time fan favorite is the ‘ prison girl waking up in chastity’-fantasy, it is so often requested! So let’s enjoy this fantasy with one of the most popular chastity babes!!
Cobie is waking up in prison, and she is wearing an orange prison jumpsuit. She doesn’t know why she is in prison and she isn’t very awake yet. Suddenly, Cobie feels something strange and hard under her jumpsuit. It feels very tight and strange!
Wide awake now, Cobie quickly strips off her jumpsuit to see what is this hard restrictive thing she is feeling. It is a chastity belt!! It looks like it was custom made for her, it is so tight! What the hell is this place? This isn’t a regular prison! What kind of prison would put a chastity belt on their inmates? Cobie is panicking, she tries to get the belt off with all her strength. She struggles and struggles, pulls on the locks, even tries to slip the belt over her hips. Nothing seems to work. She is locked up and there is nothing she can do about it.
After the panic, another thought hits Cobie: if she is going to be here for a long time, she won’t be able to touch herself! To Cobie, that’s even more terrible than being in prison. She tries to rub the belt, but there is no sensation at all. She even tries to get her fingers under the belt, but it is just too tight. Cobie is starting to get really upset now, what will happen to her? How long will she be here?
Sobbing, Cobie gives up her struggles and she lies back down on the prison bed. What a terrible thing to do to a girl! This is horrible!


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