chastity belt 

Don’t fall asleep at work! Lucy Lauren is trying her best to keep awake but her job is just so boring. She falls asleep at her desk…
To her horror, she wakes up in a prison cell. What happened?! She immediately feels something is wrong, as there is some kind of steel collar locked onto her neck and a huge heavy steel chastity belt between her legs. Quickly, Lucy Lauren removes her skirt to see what is down there. It is a MASSIVE belt with a big padlock and it is very tight. She panicks and tries to get out of the prison cell, but it is locked. Who did this to her? She calls for help, but there is no one around. This is strange! Lucy Lauren tries to calm herself down but she doesn’t really succeed.
Suddenly, a man enters. She backs away and asks ‘who are you?’. There’s no answer. Instead, the man checks the belt padlock and the collar padlock to make sure they are still secure. Then he takes a remote and presses the button. Lucy Lauren jumps at the electric shock on her neck! It is a shock collar! Just as she thought her situation couldn’t get any worse! The man has some fun shocking Lucy while she begs him to stop.
Some time later, Lucy seems to have calmed down. She sleeping AGAIN! Of course, the man takes this opportunity to wake her up with a harsh shock. Lucy Lauren will have to get used to this, she is under full control now. What a terrible situation!!

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