chastity belt 

After her awesome shoot in lots of heavy steel, a member got inspired to write a little story featuring Aubrey. He asked me if I could film this. Sure thing! Here we go:
Aubrey is a party girl who got arrested during her holiday in a foreign country. She is sitting in a prison cell, still wearing her bikini, cuffed in heavy leg irons, a leather prisoner belt, and handcuffs. She is so confused, she did nothing wrong… she thinks. She was just partying!
Unfortunately for Aubrey, she somehow broke the law and the punishment is to get displayed in ultra heavy steel bondage, for everyone to see. The cell door opens and Aubrey is taken to a steel pole. Looking at all the heavy steel on surrounding the pole, Aubrey gets scared. Surely this is too much steel for one person?
A short while later, Aubrey is standing with her back to the pole, with all of the steel locked onto her. There’s a heavy collar, chastity belt, chastity bra, and thigh bands. And to keep her secured her wrists are fitted with handcuffs, manacles, another pair of handcuffs, and another pair of heavy manacles. And thumbcuffs! Unable to move her hands at all, Aubrey is in a lot of discomfort. Her elbows have a similar configuration: two pairs of leg irons sandwiching a pair of heavy steel elbow cuffs.
On her feet, she has the same again. Two pairs of leg irons sandwiching a pair of heavy ankle cuffs. Her toes are cuffed with toe cuffs. Aubrey can’t move an inch! The weight of all the steel and the fact that it’s all wrapped around the pole prevent her from moving at all. She is on display for everyone to see, unable to move or defend herself. Good thing she is in full chastity!
What a weird punishment! And for what? Wearing a bikini at a beach party? Aubrey doesn’t understand, but she knows she is going to be suffering for a long time in this setup. What a terrible situation!

Aubrey is available for custom shoots or more member requests, just send me an email!

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    It’s brilliant!Why not take a part with webiste has more fantasty shoot and ideas.

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  2. now this is something awesome. wish there was more of this

  3. More of this and film being put in the chastity while up on the pole.

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