chastity belt 

English dialogueMy studio has a little dressing room, where the models usually sit and relax, do their makeup and hair, and get changed. Since some shoots last multiple days, this little room always becomes ‘an explosion’ of suitcases, clothes, makeup, food, and trash. I don’t know why. All girls have this tendency to unpack everything, leave stuff everywhere, and make it look like a bomb hit the dressing room. Same thing in the Amsterdam apartment by the way, a 3 day Chastity Deal will create a HUGE mess in the otherwise very tidy apartment. It’s a mystery which probably can only be understood by girls.
In the middle of this pile of lingerie and chocolate, I found our brave redhead Lola, still firmly locked in her NeoSteel with 2 big nylon plugs inside her. She did not even seem to notice that anymore, she was dancing and wiggling, trying to organise some of the mess, even humming and laughing. I asked her if she was doing ok. Girls can always quit a Chastity Deal at any moment, remember? Lola just laughed and said she was doing great! She was so determined to make it, I was sure the money was hers even on the first day! Lola is hyperactive, that’s maybe why she did not have any problems with this Deal. She can’t stop moving. On her toilet and cleaning breaks, we always applied new lube to both plugs to keep her mobile and moving smoothly. Lola demonstrated that she could even lift her knee up to her chest without any problems! And she was considering practising splits with 2 plugs inside her! Just crazy!
I was really so amazed at Lola, that I spent a lot more time with her than with most Chastity Deal girls. I just couldn’t get enough of her moving and running around with those two plugs inside her. What a fun person she is, carefree and so bubbly! Maybe Lola would be a great option for a Double Plugged Meet & Greet in the future! I’m sure many of you would love to hang out with her and have a laugh with this fun girl! Enjoy this update!

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  1. babes love brunch hehe ))

  2. very nice update!

  3. Would it be convenient with your plugged deals if the belt was telescopic in the front and back, Maybe even electromechanical like CD-ROM or a VCR?

    But with a locking position or a stopper, I know it sounds pretty high-tech but not purely science fiction. Just not too much horsepower unless it’s custom fitted and perfectly aligned.

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