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Uh oh… Dominique and Anahí found the dressing room with tons of different outfits, uniforms, and wigs. I know I should never let girls in there, but it was too late!
It’s amazing how fast they became best friends, bonding over their fate in chastity belts, and they started exploring my studio like an unstoppable duo. Girls and clothes… sigh. It’s fun to see them try lots of options, as they try to pass the time in their belts. Anahí was actually supposed to be working of course, but I didn’t mind the fact she spent some time with Dominique. Apparently they like each other very much!
The girls try bras, wigs, dresses and uniforms from the studio dressing room, and they have great fun finding matching items or items that may or may not cover their belts. Both are very experienced belt wearers, and it’s interesting to see they hardly mention their steel underwear at all. They are so used to it, exactly what I was trying to achieve by working with them both for so many years on this website. Girls trained and completely used to chastity belts are the best!!

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  1. Matthew meuleman says:

    it would be good to see her and her mum in full Chastity

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