chastity belt 

It was just amazing to see Ella do her thing for a day in my house, locked in a MySteel belt and a super heavy collar. She would walk on her toes all the time, which is terribly exciting for some reason, and she is the nicest person ever. Even with everything going on in her home country, she was friendly and happy all of the time. She definitely won my heart with her amazing skills and mentality!
When she was doing her makeup, I asked her if she could put her hair up, ballerina style. She has done this so many times in her life, this is the hair style she does when she is dancing. But I just wanted to see the extremely wide heavy collar better, it is so perfect on her neck! Ballet Sub Ella’s contract is one of my favorite Deals ever, I would highly recommend her if you are offering chastity contracts to girls. You will not regret having her around!

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  1. ANnon82 says:

    Did you have her try on the Stainless Steel Ballet Heels?

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