chastity belt 

Nelly would be belted for 48 hours for her public Chastity Deal. That would give us the opportunity to visit TWO cities. On the first day, we visited Amsterdam, and on the second day we would go to another city. Nelly was so excited, she loves to be in a chastity belt in public! Especially in the summer!
But before the second public day, Nelly wanted to relax a little. It had been so hot in Holland! Nelly loved to the opportunity to take a bath, even though she could not take everything off. She didn’t really think about that when she started the Deal, but Nelly is a very cheerful person, so she can handle 48 hours in a belt easily. She also didn’t realise that 48 hours means two nights (most girls think it will be only one night), but she slept pretty good in her tight belt.
Nelly is such an amazing girl, her body and face are like a super model’s, but she is so down to earth and flirty!
I bet you can’t wait to see which city we visited on the second day, and what daring things Nelly did there! Can you guess?


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  1. Wow, way more struggle than your teaser text let on.

    I hope she didn’t scratch your tub. :)

    She’s even more amazing soapy.

    • Write me a teaser text addition! ;)

      • Addendum:

        Nelly is truly spectacular in her own right.

        Add some soapy water and she sets hearts beating faster.

        Add a tight chastity belt and the rise in testosterone levels (and some estrogen levels) worldwide become palpable.

        Now film her all wet and soapy…

        Wearing a tight chastity belt…

        Repeatedly tugging at the locks…

        Each time emitting the most beautiful sighs and murmurs…

        Her wonderful expressions….both pouty and sultry….

        Then giving in to the warm soapy embrace…

        Only to once again tug and pull at the belt to no avail.

        If you can read this but are not a member….I beg of you….why not?

        Please everyone….join….help keep Nelly perpetually soapy and frustrated.

        WARNING: Chastitybabes cannot be held responsible for excessive excitement and arousal brought on by watching this update. :)

        • Nice! Great writing!

          • It’s easy to write about your art. It speaks to me and sometimes….is deeply touching. Then sometimes….it’s just down right delicious. :)

            I have a harder time stopping.

            PS, I loved the dichotomy of the soothing bath vs the frustrating belt.

            If you’re curious….I watched it the third time while listening to the Tragically Hip “The Luxury”.

          • You seem to have a music choice for every update! :)

          • Like a fine wine, it makes the updates even better….if that’s even possible to say.

            I said it before and I’ll say it again…

            I’ve never been happier to be a member of something.

            That’s not some kind of Internet flattery….that’s how I truly feel.

            I’d say “have you ever wanted people to see things thru your eyes?”

            But I don’t have to, you’re already doing that, that’s where the updates come from.

            Please keep up the good work!

  2. LoveSteel says:

    With a steel bra added would be even more fun.

  3. slavelabor says:

    Steel collar would do nicely

  4. I have just one question I’d like to ask.

    It really doesn’t matter either way.

    But I am curious.

    Did you listen to any of them?

  5. Let me guess, you went to Hamburg!

  6. Depending on which you like to see more than the other, hot girls in tubs or in chastity belts, one or the other is icing on the cake. You Windy like Nelly here are both of those.

  7. Hi webmaster and nelly she looks so hot in belt. I se nelly is in a solid strap back belt not the two chains over bum this time. I like belts like this more. What did nelly think dud she like chain or solid back belt better webmaster great update

  8. great set, nice fit on a cute body!

    would be nice to see how she undresses from casual wear in the bathroom.

    did you think about the diaper-issue, i mentionned some months ago? in an chastity-community, i read about a woman that wears diapers sometimes over the belt to avoid problems when peeing on public toilets.

    is there a chance to see this in future sets?
    but please. no pullups but real plastic-diapers (e.g. tena or attends)…

  9. Beverley says:

    I love to be shown off publicly in my chastity belt especially when I am totally frustrated and my body betrays my slave feelings to the public.

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