chastity belt 

Nelly spotted the treadmill in the studio during one of her Chastity Deals. She said she loves going on the treadmill in the gym, but her boobs are always bouncing around when she goes into a fast run.
No worries! I have the perfect solution for this: boob cuffs! These tight locked cuffs make Nelly’s boobs incredibly firm and round. They will not bounce or sway at all! Nelly was a bit hesitant to try the treadmill locked in a chastity belt and boob cuffs, but she carefully started at a slow pace. It really worked! Her boobs didn’t move! Slowly, she increased the pace until she was getting a bit scared.
I wanted her to go faster, so I cuffed her hands to the treadmill and I took control of the speed. Nelly was unable to reach the controls, so she would just have to run at the pace I selected. And I turned it up really high! Nelly was exhausted after this!
So here a pro tip from FoToRo: if you don’t like your boobs swinging around on the treadmill at your local gym, just lock tight boob cuffs on and you’re good to go!

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  1. Awesome! We need more Nelly on your sites!

  2. Pretty girl

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