chastity belt 

Nelly has been on this website since forever! Check out her updates by clicking here. Today, she brought her friend Lili, who hasn’t been belted before, and together they will try to lock each other into thigh bands without my help!
It was very interesting to see if they could do it, because it can be quite complicated with all these padlocks, but they managed to create something very secure and beautiful! These girls are very sexy and sensual, so the video and pictures are very gorgeous. Two beautiful girls having fun with thigh bands, can’t go wrong with that. I like thigh bands a lot, even though they are not very realistic to wear in real life. They are noisy, hard to hide, and they don’t really add much to a chastity experience, but they look amazing!
Nelly and Lili can come back any time, I like their open-mindedness and their fun spirit around the studio. Enjoy this positive update, I hope it will bring some joy if you are going through difficult times, like many of us are right now! Stay belted!


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  1. Nice girls! Where is Anahí ? Haven’t seen her for a while.

  2. Stephen Miletus says:

    Some post I read somewhere stated that clanking chains could be silenced by threading fabric between the links. I don’t know if this actually works, but maybe you could persuade one of your models to participate in an experiment to determine if this works.

    And if it does minimize the clanking, then maybe this could be an element in a future feature: chains & thigh bands under streetwear in daily life.

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