chastity belt 

SpainLiz Rainbow REALLY felt those two big plugs deep inside her with every move. The problem was, she was just sitting there and not moving at all! So, in an excuse to get her to stand up I asked her to lock herself into some thigh bands. The plugs almost got too much for her when she got up, you can hear a little yelp of surprise (or pleasure?).
I like Liz a lot, she is really into tight things, so she was very happy to add the thigh bands to her chastity gear. Even though it was already hard enough for her to walk double plugged. With those extra restrictions added, she looked amazing! Her pretty heels made sure she had a perfect posture in those thigh bands, making her take tiny steps when she walked.
After a little practicing, Liz could walk rather well (remember this is her first time), but she felt the plugs move with every step. Maybe she shouldn’t have gone for 9 balls when I let her pick the plugs. But it was too late now! Liz made it to a chair and sat down to get a break. She was visibly aroused, her face was getting a little red when I asked her how she felt!
Sitting down was not easy for Liz, but it was better than walking around. Still, I really wanted to see her move more and get more aroused by her plugs. So I challenged her to play a couple of rounds of darts. Liz would have to throw 3 darts, then get them from the board, and repeat again. This made her walk a lot, and there were more tiny yelps of pleasure. I love teasing Liz! With two plugs inside her, high heels, and thigh bands, this going to be the best darts game I ever witnessed!

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  1. Great update!

    Always nice to see belted women get red and embarrassed, when they can’t deny their arousal. Nor satisfy it ;)

    And nice heels make even semi-naked women to appear well dressed.

    Idea of new challenge: Put them to go blind date with some REALLY handsome men, while belted and already very needy. Or better, while plugged, under modest clothes. And let the chastitybabe choose, will the date be present when the deal is done and the belt and cameras go off…

  2. AAAAAAAH the 80’s royalty free porn music!

    Could have done without that ;p

  3. There were so many occasions during the history of this site, where everybody called for a bra and I objected since I felt sometimes less is more but in this case, I am the one to say: These boobs need to be under lock

    • Why? Because she has puffy nipples?

      • Mainly because she looks kinky and like she really needs it badly. And as if she can handle a lot of gear… other models on the contrary who have this kind of innocence about em are sometimes better suited for “just the belt” to deal with. Not this one though. She looks like: lock me up, it’s gonna be fun…

        Apologies to Liz if that came a cross wrong. I do like your nipples – it’s just, I wanna lock them up

  4. Liz’s updates really worth a membership.

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