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After her long stay in Europe, locked in the NeoSteel belt, it was so sad that Cobie had to go home. Just like Lizanne, Cobie is a big promoter of female chastity and she has actually said she would rather be in a chastity belt than without one. She prefers a chastity belt to being nude!! It is true, ask her (for example on Twitter).
So back in Australia, Cobie is still belted, she even got her FancySteel belt adjusted and improved so she can wear it without breaks. It is summer in Australia of course, and it is hot, so Cobie prefers to wear no clothes at all, except for her chastity belt. This is not a Chastity Deal or even someone locking her in the belt, Cobie belts herself because she genuinely loves chastity belts so much! She has been sending me pics, so I asked her to send a video too. She is just cleaning the bedroom, but it gives us a great view of Cobie’s belt from all sides, and it lets us enjoy how easy it is for her to live her life in a belt.
Is your wife or girlfriend complaining about her belt when she is doing household chores? Show her this video! Cobie is a perfect example of how a girl can be happy in a chastity belt (and even happier than without a belt!). I hope I will be receiving a lot more daily life videos from the other side of the world, because I miss Cobie and her genuine passion for female chastity. It’s still rare to find girls like her, but I am always hoping this website will improve on that! Enjoy!

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  1. She looks so great in this belt. But how often does she unlock herself? Is there no one to hold the keys in down under?

  2. Don’t think that this video will prevent my sister from complaining about her MySteel.

    My personal solution: Each time she protests, I increase her chastity period by one week … :-)

    Anyway: Nice job!

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