chastity belt 

Latex Rapture just LOVES to be locked in steel. And when she saw the giant chastity bra, she really wanted to try it. She actually begged me to be locked in this device.
I have to admit it looks great on her! And it’s perfect because this naughty redhead loves to play with her nipples, and there’s no chance of that when she is locked in this bra. The only problem was: she didn’t want to take it off anymore! She was actually challenging ME! Her idea was to go outside to see if people would notice all of this steel under her clothes. I was a bit embarrassed by her straightforward attitude! Latex Rapture is a little crazy, and she would definitely show off her chastity gear to anyone in my town.
She took a lot of selfies that day, and she wants to come back to try even more gear. I think she should wear as much steel as possible, that would maybe prevent her from going outside. What do you think? How much steel should she be locked in and what kind of gear?


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  1. If Latex Rapture enjoys being locked in steel then it might be a good idea to lay out all the available items and invite her to choose an outfit for the day.

  2. It would be actually cool if she would wear that gear in combination with latex and then casual clothes on top and go out for a walk. Maybe even in some light bondage with a gag under a scarf or something similar.

  3. matthew meuleman says:

    i would say lock her up for life in chastity

  4. Open crotch latex leggings, double plugged belt, soft summer dress with wide belt and that nuclear bra and a big collar. Thigh cuffs and high heels and then go for a walk.

  5. Since 2016, this huge chastity bra has been able to embrace and protect all breasts.

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