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You have asked for more Lizanne, and I contacted her to send me more vlogs, because she is a very special girl. Not only is she stunning, funny, AND locked in a Carrara, she is also a big promoter of female chastity. She loves this website because I am trying to make female chastity more accepted and the website shows girls that it is perfectly fine and possible to be in a belt.
Lizanne is literally one of my promo girls, she has promoted this website (and female chastity) on fetish conventions for me, but she also tries to wear her belt (visibly!) every day so people can see it, ask her about it, or even just get the idea stuck in their head. Female chastity has to become normal, and Lizanne wants to help me achieve that goal! Even when it is freezing outside, she wears short tops so people can see her Carrara belt.
She is of course an exhibitionist, which is useful to promote female chastity, and walking down the streets or going shopping with a visible belt is nice, but Lizanne really wants to show the entire belt! Of course, it is not accepted (yet) to walk down the streets without any pants on (just a chastity belt), and it is COLD in Belgium at the moment, so Lizanne is always looking for places where it’s allowed to show her belt.
Fetish conventions / erotic fairs come to mind. So whenever she can, Lizanne visits the conventions, takes off her pants, puts on her high heels, and walks around in her Carrara. She has an incredible body and great legs, but the shiny Carrara draws the most attention. Especially the casual visitors of these erotic fairs, who think a pair of handcuffs is already super exciting, are stopped in their tracks and stare at the Carrara. They will go home, it will stick in their minds, and they might look into getting a chastity belt for themselves. This is how we conquer the world, slowly but surely, with help of awesome girls like Lizanne!
(Also, the super sexy striptease and dance she gives her Master in the morning is not to be missed!! JOIN now to see this video!)

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  1. Once again a pleasure to watch.
    I realy hope that we will see a lot more of you lizanne, your master is a man to envy.
    A few girls keep this membership going you are on the top of my list.
    Are you open to do a challenge?

  2. Hey!

    Is it possible that Lizanne walked over the BoundCon in Munich ??
    I was there and have seen me walking just beneath this pretty nice Promo-Girl!

    I would Lizanne also back to chastitybabes-she’s absolutly amazing!!

    Greetings from good old Germany

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