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Lizanne seems to go to the same place every year in the summer (a friend’s house I think), judging by this new video her Master sent me. It is called ‘sexy swim’, but of course it’s impossible for Lizanne not to be sexy during a swim. Or in general. She is just one of the hottest real life Chastity Babes in the world!
Funny thing is: I put her in contact with Carrara many years ago. Now she is the main model for the brand, and she received her own belt as compensation for the modelling work. Her Master keeps her in this belt a lot (but not all the time), and Lizanne is 100% used to it. She is also permanently collared, as a symbol to her submissive status in the relationship. Imagine having a girl like Lizanne and going on holiday with her, watching her swim in a Carrara!
Well, you can now see it too, just download the video and enjoy! It is filmed in 4K, so play it at home on your big screen tv if you want to see every detail of Lizanne and her belt! Thanks Lizanne and Master for this gorgeous summer update!!!

High quality 4K video! (let me know if you have trouble playing the file)

2 comment(s) to “Lizanne – sexy swim”

  1. Muhammed Ciftci says:

    Great video and beautiful belt.

    Lizanne is beautiful and her small boobs are so cute.

    Will Donna be back with her stunning My-Steel?

    My wife has also one with a crotch band. And I love it. Hopefully Donna will also be belted again soon.

  2. Gorgeous Lizanne looks like a water nymph. The shiny Carrara belt fits her so nice!

    The video plays in kind of a slow motion and the audio does not match the scene … but this is not much of an issue because the looks are outstanding.

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