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The beautiful and famous Satin Bloom helped me start this website back in 2012. She was one of the first Casting and Catwalk chastity babes, the first one in the new chastity bra, and just a stunning body and face to add to this website’s early goal: the most beautiful girls under lock and key!
Now, 4 years later, the goal is ‘ALL girls under lock and key’, so we are looking for new faces all of the time! When I saw Satin’s new friend (on her twitter and instagram) Tracy Lindsay, and saw their lesbian loving antics, I knew I had to get Tracy in a belt! So I asked Satin to bring her over. What a stunning pair these two friends are! So hot, you won’t believe it!
I gave them two collars and two chastity belts and let them lock each other up, so Tracy felt more comfortable. Being locked by Satin was exciting for her, and exploring the chain style belt after it was locked (and Satin’s belt too), I could see this duo was getting very excited! This was great, because I had planned a little surprise for them, just in case they got in the mood! And they did! Stay tuned for next week’s (even hotter) lesbian action! And frustration ;)


2 comment(s) to “Satin Bloom – introducing Tracy Lindsay”

  1. I have a feeling about what it is but I’m not about to ruin it

  2. NICE!! A wonderful shoot! Always nice to see submissive ladies seducing each other and locking away themselves. Would like to see a dominant or a dominatrix locking up a submissive with some remote control vibrating dildos for the submissive to ENJOY as the dominatrix teases them but NOT letting them orgasm. Overall a very NICE shoot!

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