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English dialogueLizanne was getting so excited walking around the convention in her little My-Steel and her rose butt plug! She immensely enjoyed all the attention and the constant requests to pose for pictures! So she was a little sad after her promo girl shift was over.
She is so beautiful, and so eager for more chastity, I decided to take her over to the Carrara booth, just like I did with Cobie! After all, both Carrara (Walter) and Lizanne are from Belgium, and I figured it would be a good idea to introduce them to each other. Lizanne was stunned by all the beautiful metal work. She did not even care about getting naked in the middle of the convention floor, that’s how fast she wanted to try the gear from Carrara. Lizanne did not need a dressing room, she was locked into a bra and a belt by Carrara while visitors walked by and she was so excited she wanted to dance!
Lizanne in Carrara gear is just an amazing sight! It looked like it was made for her, and her huge smile betrayed her thoughts. She loved this outfit very much, even informing how much it would cost to own her own bra and belt! It’s a lot of fun to see a girl getting turned on by chastity, because sooner or later she will realize that she wants to touch herself, and she won’t be able to. I really need to get Lizanne over to Holland for a Chastity Deal. Preferably longer than 2 weeks, and with double plugs, she will absolutely go insane (but she will love it at the same time).
When it was time to return the gear to Carrara, she was a little sad, but Walter had one more surprise for her! You will love it! Enjoy this amazing public update, and let’s hope Lizanne will visit me again soon for some more chastity fun! Maybe I will have some Carrara gear waiting for her when she does ;)

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  1. Mike The Director says:


    Thank you for an excellent set of updates, documenting the recent BoundCon event in Munich.

    This update featuring Lisanne gives an excellent view of how easily a bound lady can walk and move gracefully.

    All your models appear to have had a great time at the convention – well done for assembling such a lovely team. I hope that your membership will be increased as a result of all the publicity fliers which the Chastity Babes have handed out.

    I repeat my long-standing member request, for a similar belt to be used under the formal business suit of a business lady, who could walk into my City offices without raising any eyebrows as to what steel is locked beneath her suit.

    Please keep up the good work, and congratulations to all involved.


  2. You will have to ask Carrara about that :) I guess it will be an expensive piece of gear to borrow to me.

  3. MetalMan says:

    I am sure they can do the necessary adjustments for you for the perfect fit. It’s just a matter of money! =)

  4. Chastity_Mansion_Munich says:

    Inspired by this page I offer my house in Munich for chastity belt interested women during a vacation stay.
    The only condition: A chastity belt must be worn continuously during the entire stay.
    I’m an 39 year old male with several interests including sport, culture and lots more.

    The house has a sauna, Jacuzzi and separate guest rooms and guest bathroom.

    This offer is not commercial. No photos / videos will be made. There is no other condition except to wear the chastity belt during the whole stay.
    I’m interested to get real contact to persons with similar interests….
    My email-adress: chastity_mansion (et)

  5. ChastityMaster says:

    Was Lizanne still wearing her butt plug? Did it work fine with the belt on?

  6. A freand of mine deals with Walter and told me about a bondge chastity belt and bra that is in one i was wondering if you would get one of them for one of your babes to wear

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