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English dialogueWe were having a good time with the promo team at BoundCon Munich, when Cobie suddenly spotted the Carrara booth. She immediately fell in love with all the shiny steel on display!
After the girls finished handing out flyers, I took Cobie over to the Carrara booth to check out Walter’s stuff. He really does an awesome job on designing these belts, there is really no other brand that is this good looking and comfortable to wear! Kindly enough, Walter was prepared to actually let Cobie wear one of his female belts, and he started to adjust it to her size! Meanwhile, Cobie also spotted a chastity bra which she wanted to try on as well! She is so into chastity, what a girl!
After a lot of adjusting and measuring, the bra and belt were ready for Cobie! She just looked STUNNING! So shiny and secure! I couldn’t believe it! I really need to get more Carrara gear (the ones I had in my studio were on loan so I want to buy some for this website in the future). The bra Cobie was wearing was a bit too small (in cup size) so her boobs were a bit squashed. Fortunately, Walter had a bigger cup size bra as well, and he even went through the trouble of adjusting that one for Cobie too! Such great service!
We went to the nearest booth that had a mirror, so Cobie could get a better look at the fit, and we sure got a lot of attention and photographers asking for pictures! So stunning! Of course, it is quite expensive, but me and Cobie felt really sorry that it was only for a brief fitting. Fortunately, Walter told her to go have a walk around (he had the keys anyway), so we off we went to show this awesome gear to all of our friends (and lots of unsuspecting visitors)!!


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  1. David Sellmon says:

    Will Cobie try the locking high heels from FancySteel during the deal or aren’t they her size?

  2. Cobie looked stunning in the carrara belt and bra, that’s for sure.
    Usually I agee to everything the webmaster writes, but this time I don’t agree. There once was another brand as good looking as Carrara, but they don’t produce female chastity belts anymore.
    Can you guess who?
    Latowski design – the webmaster was able to borrow one of them a couple of years ago.

    Enough of that – I just love that update.

  3. Nice open design on that bra Cobie was wearing. Not too tight I hope?

    The front shield of the belt you were wearing looks a little narrow, at least the upper half of it does.

  4. Basil Blake says:

    Can anyone provide information about the Carrara bra’s weight? My cousin refuses to wear a My-Steel chastity bra due to its heaviness. We don’t want to force her to wear one but we also can’t let her boobs remain free either, since we definitely know that she can orgasm by playing with them.

    The Carrara bra looks easier to wear, doesn’t it? And I think it will perfectly match her My-Steel Total Belt with its red profile.

  5. Walter (Carrara) says:

    The carrara bra in as used for cobie weights 800g
    This is a considerable cup!
    If it fits correctly, retracting the boobs is quite difficult due to the over-boob-loop

  6. ChastityMaster says:

    I loved the scene, beginning at 2:40 in the clip. Didn’t she want to try it out with a plug? ;)
    Was she looking for toys for long term wear? I would love to see this belt with exactly these toys, butt plug and dildo ;)

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