chastity belt 

This is part 4 of our shocking Experiment featuring Yasmine! If you haven’t seen part 1, part 2, and part 3 please watch those first!

The shocking Experiment lasted for about 8 hours, but don’t worry, the box wasn’t turned on all the time (Yasmine would have collapsed!). When we returned from our walk, Yasmine asked us if she could do some household chores, as she would have to wait to get the belt off anyway. This was a perfect opportunity to see how shocks affect real-life tasks!

Yasmine looked so cute in her big yellow latex gloves and bra! She was still collared, of course, and the belt was still firmly locked in place. This ergonomic model belt fits her so well! We loved the sticky pads peeping out on the sides! Off she went to thoroughly clean her bathroom!

Or that was her plan, at least. It turns out it is very hard to clean a bathroom when you are being shocked at random intervals and levels! And the floor is very unforgiving if your legs give out. Yasmine did not know whether to laugh (at her situation) or to be angry. She started begging us more and more to stop the shocks. She even had to sit down regularly to give her legs some rest. The only problem was that a sitting position somehow made the shocks much stronger!

We’re almost at the end of our report on this Experiment. Next week: the final episode and the interview with Yasmine. Don’t miss it: the interview was done before the belt was taken off (so it was still shocking her), and the Experiment ends with 1 minute at the highest shock setting!

Remember the Deal and Experiment updates are not shot in a studio so picture quality may vary. No Yasmines were harmed (badly) in this experiment.

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  1. Hi!

    Yasmine, I love your smiles! You are really great, that you gave the two ducks a short bath aswell was awesome.


  2. Yasmine,

    You are a tribute to women everywhere. If you decide to spend your life with someone, that person will be very fortunate. I really like your pics and wish you the best on your modeling. You have such wonderful eyes and hair. Keep it up and we all thank you. Cheers.

    • Are you saying that yasmine is a testament based on only her looks? I only ask that you be a little more specific, given the setting of the update, to avoid giving others the wrong idea about you Jim. we all clean our bathrooms as needed.

  3. You know that dreamlover 2000 has a safety warning against internal use. but as long as you’re using sticky pads on the skin then it shouldn’t matter what the gender is.

  4. This is my favorite video… I have a thing for rubber gloves. I’d like to see more of these belted beauties wearing rubber gloves during their time.

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