chastity belt 

After her first acquaintance with our new black box, we told Yasmine to get ready to go out. The box was switched off, so we could watch her lock a pair of thigh bands to her chastity belt, and then lock her thighs together with a padlock (no chain, for minimum movement).

While it was great fun to see this gorgeous girl add a pair of thigh bands to her chastity outfit, we got a little impatient and we switched the box on again, just before Yasmine was going to put on her pretty black dress. The setting was a more random one this time. Not too powerful, but a mixture of power levels at irregular intervals. We think this setting was way more fun, because Yasmine could not anticipate anymore. If a girl anticipates a shock, she can tense up her muscles to ‘catch’ it. With this setting, the muscles are always relaxed, for maximum impact.

Still, the power wheel was not turned up very high, so the shocks remained within Yasmine’s fun level, although she was laughing considerably less than in the first part. That’s because she had a lot of trouble getting her dress on while being shocked. Also, the thigh bands pulled her legs together, somehow making the sticky pads more effective under the belt.

In the next part, you will see us taking Yasmine for a very interesting walk. With a few more settings to try, a collar, and a dress that does not cover her thigh bands, Yasmine was in for some outdoor trouble!!

Remember the Deal and Experiment updates are not shot in a studio so picture quality may vary. No Yasmines were harmed (badly) in this experiment.

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  1. Sounds as the next part will be very interesting! That´s been one of my bigger fantasies.

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