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We promised to bring back the gorgeous Yasmine, she just kept writing us to make some cash from the time she first appeared on our site. Since we just received an interesting new black box, we thought it would be a nice idea to go to Yasmine’s house to do a little experiment.

We told Yasmine to place sticky pads on herself in a very interesting place (exactly on the spot where contracting muscles cause a pleasurable feeling). She was then to be locked in a custom made ergonomical chastity belt (which is super tight and rigid). The sticky pads will be connected to the device that we taped onto the back of the belt. It is not a remote controlled device this time, but a pulsating electro box with a lot of different settings and adjustable power.

Here are the rules: Yasmine can not touch the leads or the box. She will spend at least 8 hours in the belt, no breaks allowed. We can turn on the box whenever we want and play with the settings. Yasmine can ask us to turn it off for a while, but we will decide. At special member request, she will be collared during the whole experiment (just because a collar looks incredible on her).

Yasmine described the feeling of being shocked as a ‘funny feeling’. It made her laugh and jump at the same time. In this clip, she is shocked about every 5 seconds, the setting is not very powerful (it was just the start of the experiment), but the constant contraction of the muscles was really wearing her out after only a few minutes! It made her legs weak, and she did not know whether to laugh or cry. It did not take very long for her to beg us to turn it off…. We knew we were going to have a fun day, there were still 8 hours left to play with this device and this gorgeous girl! Yes, we have a tough job…

Remember the Deal and Experiment updates are not shot in a studio so picture quality may vary. No Yasmines were harmed (badly) in this experiment.

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  1. I’m not a member at the moment, so I know, I cannot request anything… but I can make suggestions ;-)

    Last time when I was a member, I saw the first Yasmine video “mysterious box” and loved it. The Idea of that box is fantastic. The only problem is that a girl can always remove or even destroy the mechanism (I figure that’s also the reason why you made her agree not to touch the leads)and thus the basic game (=You do or leave the things I ask of you or I will press that button) cannot be played.
    Building a box that cannot be removed without a key maybe possible (Latowski did it for the male version) but seems to be very costly.

    So here is my suggestion:

    Let Yasmine be in a fantasy update where you simply pretend, the box was irremovable. Have somebody play her master who asks certain things of her (e.g. dog commands like sit, stay and fetch…or deny her the right to talk….or make her assume an uncomfortable possition and make her stay….or make her dance for him, crawl on all fours)

    I know that, if it were real, this update would be too hard to make – speaking from a technological AND a psychological point of view. As a fantasy update, however, it could be very entertaining.

    • Don’t worry, I’m working on a remote controlled box that can not be opened or altered by the wearer of the belt. It will have a plug instead of sticky pads, so with the belt on it will be impossible to remove. This day with Yasmine was only to test a girl’s reactions to muscle stimulating shocks. I have to say it will be hard to find other models to do this, so I will possibly have to ask Yasmine again to test the new box.

  2. Fantastic!

    A smiling Yasmine in an electric test after her reactions in the last one!

  3. Nice. Another idea. Add more pads to her breasts and place a chastity bra on her. Use the setting that feels like a massage and i bet you will get some moans and groans.

  4. Where can I by that electro box?

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