chastity belt 

Spanish Chastity Babe Wetnesday recently spent another 4 nights at my house, locked in full chastity 24/7. We had a lot of fun!
One of the days, I found her going through some of my metal gear in the studio. She wanted to try a lot of things, and I told her she could select some items to try. Of course, she had a very hard time choosing, and Wetnesday ended up with a LOT of metal on the floor. This was the start of the Metal Project (we didn’t know that yet at this point, but it was going to get much bigger and very out of control).
This video is a rare behind-the-scenes look at a part of my metal collection. It’s so cute when Wetnesday opens drawer after drawer, find more gear she loves! Real life Chastity Babes are so awesome, I love how enthusiastic this girl gets when she sees heavy steel items!
Stay tuned for the next part of the Metal Project, where things really got out of hand!

2 comment(s) to “Wetnesday – the Metal Project part 1”

  1. matthew meuleman says:

    you should make her a full time chastity slave

  2. Such beautiful metals, I really hope my Lord can use these to control my life

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