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Remember Nikki? This curly haired blonde did a very extended Casting last April. She was locked in a tight belt and bra for a day, and after her Casting, she slept a few hours, showered, got dressed, and went outside!
Well, she is back for a new Challenge! Minus the curly hair. I never expected Nikki to take a Plugged Challenge, but she did! She agreed to help me investigate if it is possible to use the treadmill with a vaginal plug inside a chastity belt! You know I have been researching all sports to eliminate all common excuses for girls not to wear a chastity belt. So far we have seen that ALL sports are possible in a belt. Horse riding, swimming, fitness, and more have been featured on this site.
But is it possible to use a treadmill when you are Plugged? It’s worth a try! After seeing Natalia Forrest run full speed on the treadmill in full chastity (with thigh bands!), nothing seems to be impossible! Nikki inserted the 4-ball metal plug with a lot of lubricant (important when you are going to run!), and she was surprised at the sensations it gave her! When she started to walk, she had to adjust it a little, but after a few steps she was already getting used to it. The plug inside her made her walking and jogging movements very interesting! She got all excited from walking on the treadmill! After her little workout, I allowed her to take off the belt (also to prove she was really plugged on the treadmill, no cuts in the video), and the plug was very wet! I guess it is possible to walk and run with a Plugged belt. It even makes exercising much more fun! Another excuse busted! All girls should be locked in chastity belts all the time (quoting Cobie, and I agree)!!


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  1. “All girls should be locked in chastity belts all the time (quoting Cobie, and I agree)!!”

    And a bra, and a collar!

    • haloslave says:

      the collar with a secure locking hasp should ALWAYS be part of the challenge! Just makes the outfit a little more complete.

    • My “rules” says that a girl should wear a chastitybelt 24/7. The bra and the collar should be worn just because of the great looks of the gear. They complement the belt i a tasteful way.

      Steel bras are just so sexy, and a nice collar is just like a nice neckles and could be worn by any girl or woman, just like a piece of jewlery.

      But of course, a pretty and obedient lady alway wears the whole “kit” (including thigh cuffs and chains) to prevent any inappropriate touching of any person! And i hold the keys in a safe place.

      Right now i am listening to Jean-Michel Jarre, the great french electronica composer. Great music!

  2. System of elimination, keep on going until all excuses have been busted!.

  3. Thank you!!

    Her facial expressions are priceless as she tunes in to the movement.

    And this adds up to all proofs of that plugs can be a regular part of belts.

    I would love to see you do more plugged exercises, faster running, swimming, climbing and jumping. Perhaps a real work out, starting with inserting the plug, and ending with her not being allowed to take it out. =)

    And more plugs in other everyday activities too please?

  4. Plugged while jogging. Is it because you don’t see joggers wearing chastity belts or is it just one of those private things we never hear about? Still it’s something that couples can do to spice things up. Humiliating? Maybe so but another fantasy fulfilled for many women and men alike.

    Another couples jogging chastity fantasy is one of a Dreamlover-2000 set in leash mode. Give the remote to your girlfriend in her sexy sportswear and try to keep up with her. If you have a secure place in public to put the remote, you can even be leashed to that spot. And best of all; it’s a virtual leash. I’m sure that WendyNeko would agree

    • Well an egg vibrates even while your at rest. On the other hand when movement is a factor; You might go with Ben Wa balls or this type of plug looks interesting.

      As for the leash part here’s more info about the Dreamlover 2000

      • Unfortunately they warn against any internal use of the the electrodes. It’s DC, not AC. However there are plenty of external contacts on the market if you want to experiment. Or if you want one internal pole and the other external. But we’re getting off topic. Back to sports/chastity/plugs and other fun ideas: The scenario in mind was more towards forced p.t. rather than exploiting one’s inability to keep up.

        As for your vibrator question: You can find lots of videos on the web of Asians playing with radio controlled vibrators, even modified sex bicycles.

      • Locked_inSteel says:

        For my fitness routine, I’m always plugged with a SMALL 3.75″ Steel Rattler Butt Plug locked under the solid crotchplate of my chastity belt. The Flat flared base of the Rattler butt sits against the oval anal plate of the crotchband. Not attached on it, just over it and locked.

        This is my outfit for inline skating locked in chastity and plugged with the Rattler Butt Plug:

        Pure Bliss!!!! Not overstimulating/distracting or arousing to get orgasm on skates like a vibrator plug… nor undertimulating like wearing a “normal” plug. It’s just the right “buzz”. Skating on smooth pavement would normally “rattle” the insides, occasionally “tap” when rolling over cracks, “knock” when jumping gaps… but rolling on rough pavement vibrates my insides… and it can be arousing. Skating on very rough uneven pavement with cracks, dist, rocks, bumps, makes me horny….and frequent stops when before it becomes orgasmic.

        The good thing about the Rattler plug is that it’s passive and motion activated. If I want to have some “sex” on wheels, I skate the paths more aggressively! oh! That feels AMAZING!!! Skating normal, it’s just a “spiced-up feeling”… When I feel I have “enough” I just stop or take a rest on a park bench (sit slow). And it falls to sleep.

        I can also go cycling and jogging, but it’s not as fun. when jogging, The Crotchband between tends to spread the legs, massage the groin, and the plug “hammering” my insides… too much…

        For cycling, I use a split-rail saddle, slightly bent down… but still, the steel crotband arousing me, the penis tube vibrating on the saddle… And the the Rattler Butt Plug “hammering”. Too much…

        I enjoy Inline Skating.

  5. You should have attached the emergence shutoff cord to her collar. I noticed that it looked like Nikki had more trouble with the plug when she first started than she did later. It seemed like after the speed when up she went from frowning to getting aroused.

  6. Hi! What a nice webite you have here! I found it only yesterday and I’ve spent 3 hours on it, reading all the marvelous update descriptions of the webmaster. I normaly don’t subscribe to websites and I’m not into online porn (But as I understand it, this isn’t porn at all, right?) But I think I’ll make an exception here.
    Now here is, why this website is especially interesting to me: I do have a chastity belt myself – like WendyNeko if I understand her correctly.

    Now here is some good and some bad news. Bad news first:
    You will never see pictures of me or my belt, nor will I ever give you any further clues about my identity but the following: I’m a woman in her early thirties, I’m German, My husband is my keyholder and the fact that I’ll NEVER be able to talk about my identity in relation to this topic has something to do with my job.

    Here is the good news:
    I can give you a first hand account of what it’s like to wear a belt. Maybe not as often and not as detailed as Wendy does, but I think that my story is still worth telling so will try to do my best and come back to this website as often as possible and tell you how I see this and that from a wearer’s perspective.

    About my belt:
    I have a mysteel hip-style belt with a cable and all the upgrades to make it more ergonomic. I’ve been locked up in this belt since 2012 It’s the third belt we bought ( The first one was a Tollyboy Chainstyle-Belt, we bought it in 2007, the second one was a Mysteel waist-belt with a hole in the back, which we bought in 2009,) but the first one that I really wear constantly. The first two belts would always chafe my skin and I couldn’t wear them longer than a few hours at a time, but this third belt is different. After only two month I felt comfortable enough to hand over the key.

    What I can and what I can’t do:
    By now, I can sit on anything (it took me a while in the first place though) go running and even ride a bicycle. I don’t play volleyball anymore since impacts on the gym floor could damage it, sound strange and cause suspicious questions but I wasn’t going to be a Bundesliga player anyway. Unfortunately – I hope that I don’t ruin a lot of phantasies here, but: I can get off wearing a chastity belt. I know that the vast majority of girls like the ones we have seen on this website really can’t, but I’m different. I don’t need direct clitroal stimulation to cum. All I have to do is lie down on may bed face down and grind my pelvis into the mattrass. Most of the stimulation happens in my head anyway. It really works for me sorry guys, but there is no belt that can keep me from having an orgasm. I do have to confess that theses orgasms aren’t as intense as the ones I can get being penetrated but they are orgasms. Oh and of course I can’t be penetrated. Neither the one way, nor the other, if you get what I’m insinuating.

    about hygine:
    I need to have a cleaning break everyday, even twice or more often on certain days. I don’t do the cleaning myself, though. Since my husband is always arround, at least once a day and follows me, wherever I go, he does the cleaning for me. When we started this two years ago, he used to cuff my hands on my back but it turned out to be too great of an effort to do this everytime, so after a few moth we decided that I simply wouldn’t touch myself.

  7. Your appearing on this website is just wow. You’re so authentic. I don’t have the time to comment on everything you wrote but here is one tip. Go for that Ben Wa Balls. Sex will be so much better… not only for you, but also for your husband.

    btw. It’s kind of dissapointing to know that there are some girls that can’t be kept from comming while wearing a chastity belt…. I hope that belts work effectively for most girls…

  8. Welcome Karin, wonderful facts you shared!

    Everyone is different, and I believe that it is possible for some men to orgasm without direct contact as well.

    A belt or similar chastity device is mainly to remove the possibility to touch the genitals and for control of penetration more than anything else, although the impact it has on the wearer’s mind should not be neglected.

    But most of all, a woman in a belt is incredibly sexy to watch. =)

    • I must agree with you. Women in belts are really sexy, especially with a bra. Natalia Forrest in full chastity is the sexiest thing on two legs i have ever seen!

  9. So true…I just reminded myself that I haven’t touched “myself” for 2 years by now…It definitely sounds bigger than it is… or it is just as big and only I forgot about it ;-). Yes, maybe that’s our chastity game. I mean I can’t be penetrated and I can’t cheat on my husband. That’s something, isn’t it? It sounds weird, but I kind of hate the fact that I can get off wearing the belt. I wish I was like a normal woman. I have a friend who doesn’t even have normal orgasms when having sex. She can only achive orgasms under rare an perfect circumstances. A chastitybelt would make her a total nun… The only thing our chastity belt makes me is a faithful wife…maybe that’s something.

  10. Locked_inSteel says:

    Thanks for sharing Karin!

    It’s always a pleasure to share experiences with other wearers locked in steel chastity belts and plugged!

    I’m a male, currently DOUBLE-PLUGGED in a Model T-3 continuous-crotch male steel chastity waistband belt (similar belt that Stefan was locked in the “Couple Deal” but mines has a secondary slotted shield to mount a butt plug and a hollow urethra plug screwed inside the Penis Tube)

    I’m now buttplugged with a SMALL 4-ball lollipop steel “i-bolt plug” locked inside my belt. (same plug that Nikki has in her pussy) It’s small 4.5″ long x 1.1 wide (3″ insertable), the shaft is 5/15″ thin till it gets to a 1.125″ small ball, followed by a 1″ ball, followed by a 0.875 ball followed by a 0.75″ mini ball at the top.

    And my urethra plug is 3.5″ curved and hollow steel shaft 4mm thin.

    Just like you I often go running (success), inline skating (BEST!!), riding a bicycle (split-rail saddle and slightly bent down, success),

    > I would try climbing without hesitation

    When I’m climbing stairs I feel the butt plug shifting in my insides… it’s fun… but climbing long stairs in public…. it fucks me too much!!!

    I prefer to wear the belt with small plugs… I’m more comfortable when I’m locked with plugs. (penis is ceased, and won’t be jerking inside against hard steel and arousing me when I walk or move. And when I’m not buttplugged… the oval opening on the crotchband spreads my ass when I sit, it rubs my anus!!! attaching the secondary slot without the plug would pinch my anus between the metal strips, and it’s very painful!!!

  11. Just another activity to try; Dance video arcades

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