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After her Casting, Nikki went home with my assistant (a lot of you seem to be very curious about her). I feel quite good about having a few female assistants, it seems to comfort the girls and they are chatting about different things, like clothes, makeup, hair, which I don’t know anything about!
It is a shame that I can not really follow what’s going on, but I know that I have the keys, so they would have to drive back to me if Nikki wanted out for some reason. But that was not the Deal, she was supposed to go in public with her bra and belt! Strangely enough, Nikki did not seem the least bit worried about that, she is one of the coolest Chastity Babes ever. She did not have any problems with the gear either, even though the waist band was quite tight. She reportedly slept a few hours at my assistant’s house, and took a long shower after she woke up again.
I had told them to film and photograph as much as possible, so I was pleased to receive a shower update only a few hours after they left! Nikki looks great in her gear, and she seems to be cleaning herself and her metal chastity outfit pretty thoroughly. Not spraying a few drops of water onto herself, like we have seen some girls do, but really soaping up and rinsing off!
Nikki is definitely one of the most comfortable girls in chastity, she seems self assured and outgoing, so I couldn’t wait to see her go outdoors in her gear! This is going to be good!


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  1. Nikki looks kinda like Misha with her hair up, doesn’t she?

    • indeed she does, can we look forward to a twin challenge with misha and nikki.
      How about this idea, nikki and misha together in one challenge,both of them with a shock box, then they have to give the remote to each other, then we’ll see who last the longest.

  2. Basil Blake says:

    You’re right. She seems to consider her belt as a kind of second skin.

    It’s a pity that chastity has not yet become mainstream. Each female adult should wear a chastity belt. That would be much nicer as proof of love than just a ring on a finger…

    • LoveSteel says:

      Not only woman should have a steel chastity belt. There are very nice and secure male chastity belts like those made by Latowski so why not using them more often. Works better than a wedding ring :)

      • Basil Blake says:

        Hi LoveSteel

        You’re definitely right. I just mentioned female chastity only because of the specialized character of this website.

        Male chastity is a great experience and one of the most helpful things is, that in general chastity cages are absolutely sufficient.

        Women who don’t keep their partners chaste really miss a great thing… But in addition: I also love the idea of female chastity :-)

    • Basil Blake says:

      Hi WendyNeko

      Thank you for your interesting remarks.

      However I think you missed to mention a very important point: Being kept chaste by a loving partner can turn many uncomfortable aspects of a chastity belt into a beautiful feeling. I myself had a lot of comfort issues with chastity devices in the past (esp. at night), but since beeing locked up by my girlfriend (since 2013, 24/7 in a CB 6k), a feeling of love and heartiness took over :-)

      So the issues of chastity models without a loving keyholder are (hopefully) not representative.

      Please don’t stop posting your comments, I find them very beneficial.

      Greetings :-)

    • Not only are you right about the physiological impact of chastity belts WendyNeko, There are also so many D-rings all over them and so many bondage accessories on the market made expressly for all of those attachment points. That’s what bothers me is the bdsm aspect of it.

      There are also people who may stay true to the same person if to nay one at all, but still like to handle things them selves. Some of them even take their honor seriously enough not to throw their bodies around so forced chastity is only redundant.

      Maybe that after glow is a neural chemical addiction. Must it be broken?

  3. Nicely soapy shower. Interesting shower head too. I wonder if you can program the lights to spell things out. Like “have a nice day” or “keep wearing the belt”.

    PS: your assistant did a nice job with the shoot

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