chastity belt 

More steel with Wetnesday!! She is a very naughty girl, which is (of course) why she needs to be belted 24/7. She actually needs a chastity bra 24/7 too, or she will play with her nipples. Fortunately, she has committed herself to this lifestyle, so I don’t really have to worry about it, she is fully trained to wear a full chastity outfit pretty much all of the time, except for her supervised cleaning breaks.
But she can still get naughty! And since she loved my steel gear so much, I added a lot of cuffs and even metal mitts to her wrists and hands. This way we can be sure that she will not touch herself. Wetnesday was having the time of her life, locked in all this steel. She STILL wanted to try more.
The spike ball (remember Kerry’s update?) is a very harsh addition to a chastity belt, it can lock to the D-ring between the legs, and it makes you walk very carefully and slowly. It is a good training tool for girls who are too wild, it gives them a constant reminder to keep good posture and composure. Combined with the Iron Crown restraint, it was keeping Wetnesday focused and out of trouble. I really like coming up with new ways to prevent her from touching herself, but I will NOT take off her chastity gear, not even when her hands are restrained like this! Wetnesday simply belongs in chastity, and I am sure you all will agree with that.


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