chastity belt 

After going through my metal gear collection, I thought it was time to lock some of my things on Marta Klinta. The problem is: she is already wearing so much, it is hard to fit anything else! There was just enough space on her wrists to add the heavy steel mitts on her hands.
That was a great look, with all of her wrist rings! Her arms were now seriously weighed down with a lot of steel. That’s what Marta loves: more steel!! She just can’t get enough of it. Marta never tried mitts before, so she was very curious to see what she could do (or couldn’t do). She loved the sound they make when she played with her steel rings.
Of course, being already locked in full chastity, the mitts made it even harder to touch herself. There was just no chance Marta could do ANYTHING naughty. So to tease her a bit more, I gave her a magic wand to play with. Marta got a bit frustrated trying to turn on the wand and getting it in the right place. It’s not easy when you are wearing many kilos of steel and you can’t use your hands. I just left her in the room with the camera running while she tried to figure out how to deal with this frustrating situation!

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