chastity belt 

Wetnesday picked out some gear from my collection she wanted to try. She was sitting on the floor with everything spread out around her and her eyes were lit up! She loves this so much!!
She picked out a nice selection of cuffs, chains, and devices, and she wanted to try them all! This was going to be a big project! First, she tried a steel head cage, rigid wrist cuffs and a pair of ultra heavy leg irons.
Then I locked her in the RigidSpreader, which was a lot harder, because of the position and the fact that she was (of course) still belted, making it harder to bend over. Wetnesday soon regretted her choice, as I had way too much fun and wouldn’t let her out. Instead, I gave her the key and went to have a coffee. She tried and tried, but the padlocks were on the wrong side and she was getting very frustrated.
When I returned to let her out, I thought she would be done, but noooooo, this was just the start, she said! She wanted to try more metal, at the same time! She wanted to feel the weight of lots and lots of steel. Stay tuned for part 3 where things get a bit out of hand!


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  1. Muhammed Çiftci says:

    Beautiful update. I just renewed my membership and will stay your loyal customer. An update with chastity content only would be great (without other BDSM stuff). The video with Oxana was awesome. Please provide us more content à la “beautiful girl plus My-Steel/Neosteel” … :-)

  2. Excellent! Thanks so much for this, she’s a breath of fresh air for sure! Please PLEASE can we see more of her and the metal bondage gear, and PLEASE show the installation!

  3. Just a quick thought – maybe take the belt off when she can’t touch herself? Add to her frustration maybe?

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