chastity belt 

Remember this update where Natalia Forrest made Lizzie Bayliss clean her house during a Casting? And in fact, in many other Casting videos shot by Natalia, the model just ended up cleaning the kitchen or her entire house. Members felt like she was taking advantage of the girls, so she should be punished.
Of course, this didn’t go without the typical complaining we have come to expect from Natalia. Locked in the Carrara belt at the tightest setting, she attempts to clean her entire house, but after vacuuming one room she is already begging to be let out of the belt. She thinks it is too tight, she can’t really move, and she just wants to get out of it!
That was to be expected, but the belt and collar aren’t coming off until every room is spotless. Natalia complains and begs, but she also gets on with the job, because she knows her moaning will not get her out of the belt any sooner.
A naked Natalia Forrest in a Carrara belt cleaning and dusting! What a beautiful sight! But her complaining makes it even better, as always. It’s just fun to see her get frustrated!

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  1. MetalMan says:

    Finally Natalia Forrest! I have missed her!

  2. NICE! ABSOLUTELY FAN-FREAKIN-FUCKIN-TASTIC!! Always love to see the Gorgeously Beautiful and Lovely Natalia Forrest on this site and most especially her PERKY, ERECT, HARD, POINTED AND EXQUISITE NIPPLES! :-}}}
    Natalia Forrest is absolutely the finest looking and most beautiful female model on this site and having her Locked in a Chastity Belt is even more deliciously sexy and erotic as well as visual eye candy for the viewing audience. Really love the extra touch of her wearing a submissive metal collar around her neck with the padlock. The most endearing quality of Natalia Forrest is her PERFECTLY POINTED AND ERECT NIPPLES! Would love to see some nipple bondage for Natalia having to wear a pair of GREEN ELASTIC CASTRATION BANDS stretched onto her nipples with a Beautiful Mistress applying the CASTRATION BANDS and then teasing her nipple with a violet wand and a spiked wartenberg neurological wheel to test for sensitivity. Lovely to see Natalia Forrest on this site once again. YOWZA!!

  3. Natalia needs a job as a bondage french maid.
    And certainly a bit more gear locked on her.

  4. Matthew meuleman says:

    she needs a full time chastity belt

  5. WOW! Natalia Forrest is such a lovely and gorgeous creature of FEMININE BEAUTY! Absolutely love her perfectly formed and perky nipples. Would recommend that Natalia get her NIPPLES PIERCED with tiny studs horizontally adorning her NIPPLES! Absolutely fantastic to see the lovely Natalia Forrest on this site! Bring her back please!

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