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Natalia Forrest has done it again! She made another girl do her cleaning while hosting a Chastity Deal. Of course, I can not really criticize her for doing so, because I probably have done this myself, with girls staying in the Chastity Mansion in the Netherlands.
But still, it’s starting to feel like Natalia (as a keyholder) is using the Chastity Deals to get her house cleaned. I know it is incredibly nice to have a big boobed naked girl like Lizzie Bayliss running around in your kitchen, locked in chastity and cleaning your mess, but maybe this is not the point of doing the Deals. On the other hand, I know myself that Deals are long, and you don’t want your Chastity Babe lying on the couch playing with her phone for the entire day, as it will not make very good content for this website.
Making Lizzie clean the kitchen really shows off her incredible naked body with her giant natural boobs, as well as the tightly locked Carrara chastity belt. So what do you think? Should I allow Natalia to use her Chastity Babes like this? Or is it time to punish Natalia Forrest with a super tight (maybe plugged) Deal again? You know she will absolutely hate that, but I think she is having far too much fun locking up her friends.

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  1. Natalia can use spending a full week in full chastity including thigh bands half way the upper legs with short chain locking them together and a block piece for the night. And a bra locked on the whole time of course. Also include some lengthy periods of arms cuffed to the side of the belt. And if there is a lot of complaining hope you have that steel head cage or mask with bridle to silence her. I am sure she will love this week.

  2. Maybe a trade? She can continue, but only for a new deal of her own.

  3. She has to do a new deal to continue contributing and locking her friends. Locked thigh bands and gag head harness for the duration. The you know what needs to increase in size during the deal.

  4. I mean, you could do both? She gets punished, but she still gets to use her girls as a little maid service. I see this as a win-win for all of us!

  5. AnneMarie says:

    I have said this before…and the sentiment seems shared by others above! Natalia needs to be locked up! I am thinking of a story/ script where Natalia’s (male) partner gets very horny while Natalia is doing all these chastity deals on her friends like Lizzie! But Natalia obviously controls him too and has locked him in a male chastity cage! He is turning blue in his undercarriage and so he conspires with Lizzie to shackle and lock up Natalia in a belt. He then searches the house to try and find where Natalia has hidden his keys. Natalia refuses to cooperate and all 3 stay locked up until Natalia is so horny that she agrees to a deal: she will reveal the location of his key (and Lizzie’s key too) if her partner agrees to free her (Natalia) and both have sex in front of a belted Lizzie…

  6. Artorevs says:

    We need another update of Lizzie, she is too gorgeous

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