chastity belt 

It’s sad but Adele is out of her gear again. She made it! I was sorry to let her go, she was doing so well. But fair is fair, the contract ended and Adele got paid. She was very happy with her achievement. I loved having her in chastity, she reminded me of my first Deals with Donna. Maybe Italian girls are really good at Chastity Deals?
Some of you have asked if Adele was ok. I can assure you, she was perfectly fine. She is very shy and soft spoken, and she moves very slowly (also because of the belt and bra). But as you have seen, she is really tough and she can handle any extra Challenges I throw at her. In fact, I love her shy nature, she is super submissive and cute!
Another question from you whether Adele could become my new live-in Chastity Babe. I haven’t taken on a resident girl in a while, so it might be a good idea to have a really long term submissive Chastity Babe contract again. And yes, Adele is a perfect candidate for that! She finished school and has no job yet, it is a great time for her to sign a resident Deal! She will also get along well with Anahi, my trusty belted studio assistant.
We will see what the future will bring for Adele, I hope she will come back soon for more. Meanwhile, enjoy another video of her Chastity Deal. Also included are some pictures of her marks after the Deal. It wasn’t actually too bad!! Comment below if you would like more Adele!


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  1. NICE! Would recommend the addition of the matching wrist cuffs to her neck collar as well as the ankle cuffs BOTH with chains restricting her hand and feet movements. Would also recommend the thigh bands with the connecting chain link as well as the upper arm bands that link together with a chain behind the back. Last but not least would be the addition of a vaginal and anal probe underneath the chastity belt to give Adele a reminder of who is in control and who is under submission and BOTH probes with vibratory and electrical stimulus to make her pleased/teased during the long hours of her chastity deal. NICE!! ~S

  2. offer her a long time deal, let her wear a belt at home and let her make vlogs

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