chastity belt 

This was such a great Chastity Deal! Alba Zevon in my house, locked in a tight My-Steel belt. A collar and heavy wrist cuffs were also locked on.
Special condition for this experienced Italian bondage star were a huge broad strap gag and nipple clamps. It was so much fun having Alba in the house, locked like this. She is very stubborn and she was determined to make it, although the nipple clamps were quite painful at the start. She also was drooling all over the house (and herself) because of the oversized gag, but that’s fine of course.
I followed Alba with my camera (although I may have gone too far a few times), and she was doing fine for the best part of the day. She asked a few times if the clamps and gag were really part of the Deal, and I said they were (or I pretend I couldn’t understand what she was saying). Don’t worry, Alba was completely fine, she is used to wearing gags and even clamps. She could have taken them off at any time, her hands weren’t locked to anything.
Alba had a great time too, she was so happy to finally be doing a Deal with me! We had a good laugh all day (causing more drooling) and she even made me coffee and cleaning my kitchen!


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  1. Nice! Alba Zevon is definitely a gorgeous and lovey female model and looks fantastic in chastity. Would like to recommend the use of a pair of green elastic castration bands for
    Models who have erect hard perky and stiffened nipples. Alba is fantastic and definitely a keeper fir this site! Nice!

  2. 卧槽,还是外国人玩的花,老姐牛逼

  3. Muhammed Çiftci says:

    I love her My-Steel chastity belt. Will there be an update without nipple clamps? They make me feel uncomfortable. :-(

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