chastity belt 

Done with cleaning those awful toilets, Lizanne could finally take off her mask. But she wasn’t done yet! This is a huge house and Lizanne dutifully cleans every surface in every room to make her Master happy.
Watching someone clean has never been so amazing! Lizanne’s perfect naked body with her perky boobs and cute freckled face, walking around the house locked in her Carrara belt, it’s just a gorgeous sight I never get enough of! Lizanne can come clean my house any day! She seems to be very good at it too, maybe because she is so submissive and she wants to make her Master happy. I also love the collar she is wearing, looks like a rather permanent one!
Lizanne goes outside to clean the tables and her Carrara gleams in the bright sunlight. She doesn’t seem to notice her belt anymore AT ALL. She bends, crouches, and walks very naturally, it’s great to study her movements, very interesting to see how experienced Chastity Babes move! Of course, she has been belted for a long time now, ever since I introduced this couple to Carrara in 2016! She is not always belted, but her Master makes her wear it VERY often. You can see some of her daily routines elsewhere on this website.
It took her most of the day to clean this big house. She must have been so tired! But there would be no relief for Lizanne, she is belted for the summer and can only get a break after Locktober! Speaking of Locktober, I have signed someone special to be belted for those 31 days! Stay tuned to find out who will take this year’s Challenge!

4K video! (just a test, let me know if you have trouble playing the file)

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  1. Wow, beautiful home and a stunning lady of the manor, please post more of these video”s lizanne request of a fan

  2. I wonder who it will be. I hope for Jenni Czech!

  3. Hope the Locktober girl will be Josie :)

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