chastity belt 

You know, I couldn’t just have Alba sitting around all day. It would be much better if I can put her to use! Alba even preferred this too, as she loves tight elbow bondage, and I promised there would be some if she did some chores for me.
I locked her in the tightest heavy elbow cuffs, although this extreme stretch made her nipple clamps hurt a lot more. Then I replaced her huge ballgag with a penis gag, which has a handy duster attachment on the other side. With her wrists and elbows locked, Alba was going to have to use her mouth to dust the Mansion! She didn’t expect this, but she dutifully went to work.
It was a real treat to have this famous Italian bondage model cleaning my house, locked in a chastity belt and tight arm bondage. I could watch Alba clean forever! She is such a great house guest, and a genuine bondage lover, up for any challenge!
I definitely need to get her back again soon, the house is already getting a bit dusty again!

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  1. matthew meuleman says:

    Make her your full time chastity slave she looks like it would be her lifes goal

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