chastity belt 

In January, I did a Casting with Dutch girl Aubrey. She looked so amazing in the belt!! Of course, I offered her a Chastity Deal straight away, and I recently went over to her place to lock her up!
Aubrey is so easy going, it is fun to lock this beautiful girl in steel, she really wouldn’t complain. Back in the belt (that butt!!!!) and collar, I told Aubrey she would have to spend the rest of the day locked up, doing various Challenges for She was excited!
The first Challenge I brought for her were a pair of brand new High Heel Enforcers. These devices are prety evil: they make sure you will wear high heels at all times. The heavy metal shape points the foot downwards, so you can not stand (let alone walk) without wearing high heels. These are really very evil! It will hurt so much trying to stand in these devices, you will not even attempt to stand or walk. They lock onto the ankle as well, so you can’t take them off.
In other words, Aubrey HAD to walk in heels in her own house, wherever she wanted to go. Only if she would sit down, she could take off her heels, but her feet would stay pointed downwards all the time. These solid steel high heel enforcers are very heavy and tight. I think they worked very well and I was very excited to see them locked on Aubrey. She wasn’t so easily defeated though, Aubrey is positive and I feel she will take on every Challenge I throw at her, so this would be a fun Chastity Deal!


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  1. Matthew meuleman says:

    are you going to make her a full time in house chastity babe with a life time contract

  2. Looks amazing, i do not know who came up with these but he or she is a genious.

  3. That heel device is amazing! I love it! It is so good that you find a new things.

  4. Wow, another evil device like ballet boots!! Where did you buy them?

  5. Hi there me and my wife were looking at the evil device and she would love to wear them do you know we’re they can be bought?

  6. I need these enforcers. Where can I buy them?

  7. Chastity4ever says:

    This is a genius idea indeed! I always used to lock my stiletto heels on with chains and padlocks so that I would not be able to take them off. This idea though serves the same purpose but is much simpler! Plus that you can even switch pairs of stilettos while locked in these evil things (as long as they are tall enough for the enforcers)! Brilliant…

  8. David Alway says:

    Where can I get them please, they are a real must have


  9. Graylion says:

    I’d like a chastity babe to wear these for the whole duration of a challenge, day and night. With several pairs of heels, including mules. She can wear whatever shoes she wants.

  10. I’m begging you! Plz tell me where to buy these high heel enforcers

  11. To all thos who want to buy these enforcers (part of me wants them too). Please keep in mind that you could really, really, really injure yourseves badly if you don’t know what you’re doing. That said… where can I buy them?

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