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Dutch girl Aubrey ‘accidentally’ did a shoot almost 2 years ago. She is a hairdresser who was incredibly intrigued by metal restraints and bondage. I have been trying to get her in the studio for a chastity belt Casting ever since! Aubrey is gorgeous!!
Today, you can finally see her getting locked in a chastity belt! I left a camera running during the photo shoot, so you really can view the first time she gets handed a NeoSteel belt and tries to put it on. I also locked her in a big collar, because I think small collars wouldn’t look very good on Aubrey. Funnily enough, Aubrey was very relaxed, even when she was completely naked in front of the camera.
She told me after the shoot that she would love to come back for more time in the belt, she thought it was very interesting, if not a bit tight. She was right, the belt was an amazing fit for her stunning body. There was absolutely no way she could get a finger in anywhere! I have never met a local girl who is so open minded, relaxed, and stunning! She could definitely be a model!
I think it’s time to think about a Chastity Deal with Aubrey, a weekend with her in the NeoSteel would get us some very beautiful videos. Her English is perfect, so it will be nice to hear her thoughts and experiences during her Deal! What do you think? Offer her a Deal?


10 comment(s) to “Aubrey – Casting shoot”

  1. Wow
    Keep her locked up and plugged
    Omg yes give her a deal

  2. Omg yeah Locke her up on a deal
    She looks amazing in that belt
    Just need a pair of plugs and a bra !!!

  3. NeoSteel is a nice manufacturer. We also checked their offers, when my husband was searching for a belt for me.

    Germany has a strong handicraft tradition.

    • @ukchastity2 says:

      What make did you end up with after your search ?
      Any extra’s ?

      • I have a super-ergonomic MySteel Total with a red silicon profile. It is quite comfortable, so I can wear it 24/7 with regular breaks for cleaning and sex with my husband.

        He also got me a chastity bra, but unfortunately, I can’t wear it for long periods. It’s just too much. And I don’t want to miss free access to my boobs …

  4. Add a bra!

  5. @ukchastity2 says:

    we need more her on her !
    Locked up plugged in cold hard steel !

  6. Simply wow!

    We need to get her locked longer ASAP

  7. Send her home wearing a belt, doing a daily update, for one week

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