chastity belt 

Funny, I never realized that Dominique and Aubrey know each other. In fact, they are good friends! Both are playmate models, so I guess that’s how they know each other.
I had the opportunity to have them in my studio at the same time, each locked in their own signature belt of course. Dominique in her double padlocked chain rear belt, and Aubrey in her rigid NeoSteel! I locked big collars and cuffs onto their awesome bodies, and just let them play dress up with all the lingerie they brought!
These playmates have a very impressive collection of lingerie, very colorful and probably very expensive. It was a lot of fun to see them try on different sets over their belts, they were laughing and girl talking all the time. What a great duo! I am so happy to say Aubrey is back again and available for shoots and customs, because she is so amazing in this NeoSteel, she needs to be locked much more (and longer!).


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  1. matthew meuleman says:

    when are you locking up Dominique’s mum she needs to be locked up

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