chastity belt 

Some time ago, Aubrey let me know that all the custom videos and predicaments she has been doing in steel bondage were a bit much for her. She really hates metal things, she said. Which is strange because she always wears a big metal watch and lots of bracelets.
I think she just doesn’t want the metal to be tight, heavy, or cold. She only wants nice cute shoots like the lingerie shoot she did with Dominique recently. Of course, all this complaining and sulking makes it even funnier to lock Aubrey in heavy steel and a lot of chains. It’s like working with Natalia Forrest, the more she hates her situation, the more amusing it is to watch.
I told her we would do a Christmas shoot, and by the time I was done adding all the gear, she was still locked in a LOT of metal. The 1.5 kilogram solid SwedishCollar is not her favorite, but it looks SO GOOD on her. Cuffs on her elbows (locked to her chastity belt), a waist chain with connector chain running to her ankle cuffs, it was all part of the shoot because Aubrey was going to be in the jail cell for a while.
She sighed and obeyed, because she didn’t have any keys for any of this gear anyway. The hat was stupid, she thought, but she couldn’t reach it so it was another thing that annoyed her. Poor Aubrey! Hopefully no one will order any more custom videos with her in heavy steel… Just kidding, please do! We all love to see her a little frustrated from time to time!
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all members, thank you so much for supporting me, I really appreciate it!


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  1. I sure she really likes all this metal

    but I know this is unlikly to happen but you could wear a Collar, Bra, Belt, Tigh Bands wrist cuffs, Ankles cuffs, High Heel inforces, Elbow Cuffs, Chains from Bra to Belt, Bra to Elbow Cuffs, chain between each tigh band, each wrist cuff, each ankle cuff, linking chain from the ankle chain to the wrist chain, and the collar, one can always dream

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