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Oooh, I almost forgot about the extremely tight Chastity Deal with Natalia Forrest! After her ‘punishment’ time, she finally calmed down, so I let her sleep in the cage for a while. She was still very upset, because she felt it wasn’t fair that this Chastity Deal had the tightest gear she had ever had locked onto her!
I managed to calm her down a bit, and she actually slept a little. The good news was that I was going to let her out, if she could manage to unlock all of the gear (and the cage) by herself. I brought her all of the keys, but she had to figure out which ones to use for her belt, thigh bands, bra, collar, cuffs, etc.
Natalia did really well! She has done so many Chastity Deals now, you have seen them all, and you can probably predict what she will say at the end of this unbelting video. Exactly: she screamed ‘I WILL NEVER DO THIS AGAIN!’. Don’t worry, she always gets tempted after a few months, she forgets how uncomfortable and frustrating it was, and the money starts to sound very good again.
I love doing Chastity Deals with Natalia Forrest, I still can’t believe this gorgeous glamour girl would do something like this. She absolutely hates doing it, which makes it hilarious to watch, and she is very vocal, so we know exactly what is bothering her all the time. She will probably be back soon for more, or even sooner if you request a custom video with her! She will also keep locking Casting models in a belt, she has a lot of pretty friends who will come to her house to try the Carrara belt I loaned to her! See you soon, Natalia!

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  1. Would love to see a My-Steel belt on her someday.

    • My-Steel really has great belts. I approve.

      On the other hand: Tollboy has restarted its business. So, please test a Tollboy FB/100 … :-)

  2. Matthew meuleman says:

    why is she not in one all the time she needs the punshment

    • Anne Marie says:

      Absolutely! I love the way she protests, it’s as if she yells through her pussy! I once had a Filipino woman partner named Gina (she served time in my jail where I was a warden and moved in with me after I retired. I kept her belted as a condition for good behavior!!

  3. I think Natalia simply craves being in a chastity belt.
    You should just explain to her that this is the way and keep her belted.
    Let her throw some china a pout for a while.

  4. 贞洁

  5. LoveSteel says:

    Like “Natalia Forrest – the Deal continues”, “Natalia Forrest – cuffed and forgotten” in full chastity also was a great episode. That girl needs to be in a belt, bra, and collar 24/7. This drama queen like it, you can see that. Natalia should do longer deals. Or after the deal the gear, belt, bra, collar stays on her.

  6. Natalia locked for a month and teased about weekly would be someting next level.

  7. NICE! Natalie Forrest is absolutely stunningly beautiful and gorgeous. WOW! She is fantastic as a fetish / bdsm model and looks exceptionally erotic sexy and wickedly fantastic in thus shoot. Please bring her back for some more shoots and would like to suggest some additional accessories as in fitting the model Natalia with a pair of blackout contact lenses for her eyes to obscure her vision and then proceed to attach a full and complete chastity outfit with the bands cuffs belt and chains. Natalie Forrest is such a lovely and completely sexy model who is exceptionally gorgeous. NICE!

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