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Natalia Forrest in a full Chastity Deal! It has been a while, so she forgot how much she hates the metal gear. She can hardly move, and she keep swearing because everything pinches and hurts. Not really though, she just likes to complain.
She was getting very annoyed, trying to get comfortable in her chastity gear, chained to the wall. To annoy her a bit more, I just threw a magic wand near her and left. She cursed, but tried it anyway. The FancySteel belt was so tight, she could not get anything under it, not even a finger. Vibrating next to the belt, on top of the secondary shield, nothing worked. Natalia could not feel anything.
She turned the wand all the way up to full power. It was very noisy, and it started to smell a bit funny. A burning smell, and the secondary shield got quite warm! She really grinded the wand onto her belt, but nothing happened. The only thing that she achieved was destroying the wand head. The perforated chastity belt shield worked like a cheese grater on the wand.
When I came in, she was getting really angry. Maximum frustration! The tightness, the discomfort, and not being able to climax, Natalia was already asking how much longer she had to be in the belt to fulfill her Chastity Deal. She was doing really well, and I told her that, but she was not in the mood. Natalia was getting very upset. I left her alone again, because I know she will start shouting at me, and I wisely avoid her temperamental moments. More Natalia Forrest tasks and challenges soon, I wasn’t going to let her make that prize money so easily!!

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  1. Matthew meuleman says:

    She needs 6 months of full chastity

  2. Magic wand won’t work on a chastity belt.

    But I already had belted orgasms by getting spanked on my bottom.

    Even my high quality belt can’t prevent this.

    • @ukchastity2 says:

      Sounds like you need to be belted longer and plugged !

      • I already wear my belt 24/7.

        Plugs can be funny, I have one with three and one with five metal balls.

        But I can’t wear them during daily life. They can be very annoying.

        I think your partner should put you in a cock cage. Chastity is not for women only!

        • No, a cock cage is not reliable since it is too easy to pull out. It should always be a full belt for best safety.

          And yes I fully agree, chastity is not for women only.

    • @ukchastity2 says:

      That is one of the reasons for the use of plugs to be annoying!

      There placed to annoy and frustrate !

      When your plugs are locked in place you have to deal with it which is nice to know and think about !

      • Fortunately, my husband only wants to keep me chaste and not to annoy me too much.

        It’s okay to wear plugs. But when they prevent me from doing housework or concentrating on my clients as a lawyer, they must get removed.

        You’re right. A full belt would be a good treat for so many guys.

        • @ukchastity2 says:

          An internal vaginal and anal probe that would randomly vibrate and stimulate great add on to a belt !

          There are many females that do housework and many other things plugged
          There are a few on this site !

          • Chastity belts can be used for several purposes.

            My one is for serious use – not meant to be a toy with plugs and so on.

            It protects me from being touched by strangers, prevents me from masturbating and helps me to focus on my husband’s desires only.

  3. Should of added ankle cuffs, bra to belt chains, wrist chains and ankle chains, and collar to wrist chains

  4. @ukchastity2 says:

    She needs to be locked up much more and for longer amounts of time
    I do hope she is plugged as we know she like that with the steel belt !

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