chastity belt 

Natalia Forrest thought it was hilarious that she collared her friend Brooke for the remainder of the Chastity Deal (and she made it tight too!!). But Brooke was visibly getting annoyed with the belt, and now also with the collar.
With about an hour left, Natalia suggested that Brooke should cool off a little in the shower. Brooke thought that meant the belt would be taken off, but nope… Natalia knows how Chastity Deals work: the belt is not coming off, not even for showers. Brooke angrily soaped herself, protesting that she couldn’t properly clean herself this way.
After drying off as well as she could with a towel, Brooke disappeared again, and Natalia found her sleeping on the bed. Brooke was exhausted! Natalia couldn’t believe she would go to sleep this close to the end of the Deal, but eventually the duo made it back to the kitchen where Natalia finally unlocked the FancySteel hybrid belt. It had been so tight on Brooke that it left some deep marks, especially around her pussy. And what was even more surprising: Brooke actually had tan lines from when she was sunbathing in the garden earlier that day! Vowing to never do a Deal again, Brooke took the money and went home. Don’t worry though, the girls are still best friends, and I am sure Brooke will be belted again in the future. Just not in the near future…

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  1. Charlene E. Ochs says:

    I would so love ❤ to be chastis with a proper belt, but due to my current belly size, I can’t find one that would properly accommodate me! But just the mere thought of being in chastity for a long long period, makes me soooooooo phuquing wet and horny, that I just can’t help but be very very naughty and masterbate! I’m soooooooo gushing wet right now as I write this, that I’m having a difficult time of keeping my fingers outta my pussy! I need a chastity belt on right now, to keep this from happening! Where can I find one that will fit lower around my hips, rather than up on my waist??? Please; someone help me to get properly chastised! Please!

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